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Group Info Group Founded 3 Years ago Statistics 2,114 Members
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Club Information and Rules

:star:Group icon by eliza1star, used with permission.:star:

:star:For art featuring OC (original character) warriors, see our other group :iconadvanced-warriorocs::star:

:star:All submissions go in the Featured folder and will be sorted by us if they are accepted:star:

Being a kid's series, Warriors has many fans, but this group is dedicated to featuring the best of the fan art on DA. I hope to make this the one stop for all more experienced artists who want to combine fine art with the Warriors series.

Anyone can join; you do NOT have to ask. We’d be happy to have you in this group. You don’t have to be an advanced artist to be a member, you just have to love Warriors and respect all other members. We are only accepting members right now, no other ranks than that.

:bulletblue:SUBMITTING ART
We will be going through submissions with a fine-tooth comb, so don’t get your feelings hurt if your submission is declined. This is meant to be a group for collecting a select few pieces of art, and just because your art doesn’t get accepted doesn’t mean you aren’t a good artist. Here are a few submission guidelines:

What we DON’T accept
:bulletred: Original characters (OCs)
:bulletred: Photos
:bulletred: Photomanipulations
:bulletred: Written works (stories, poems, fan fictions, etc)
:bulletred: Chibis, heavily stylized and/or ‘ragdoll’ anatomy (limbs where they shouldn’t be and distorted facial expressions not plausible in real felines)
:bulletred: Human and anthro warriors
:bulletred: Colored lineart, bases, or adoptables
:bulletred: WIPs
:bulletred: Lineart used multiple times
:bulletred: Stolen work (this will get you banned from the group, no questions asked)
:bulletred: Hate and anti-character artwork
:bulletred: Messy, rushed lineart, shading, and/or coloring
:bulletred: Characters with 'extreme' hair (hair the covers all or most of one eye or trails past the head)
:bulletred: Pieces of the cats body or face (like just an eye or just a paw) the picture should always include all or most of the character's face
:bulletred: Photos of sketches that are blurry or overexposed
:bulletred: Traditional art that has been drawn on crumpled, torn, or heavily creased paper
:bulletred: Sketches on notebook or any other type of lined paper.
:bulletred: dA muro speedpaints

What we DO accept:
:bulletgreen: Slightly stylized, well drawn art with good anatomy
:bulletgreen: Clean traditional drawings and paintings
:bulletgreen: Clean digital drawings and paintings
:bulletgreen: Clean, shaded pencil drawings
:bulletgreen: Advanced tutorials involving any cats, not just Warriors characters

(Don’t be offended by any of this. We are in no way saying that lacking the above requirements makes your art bad, it’s just not suitable for THIS group, but there are many other groups you might like.)

Anyone who breaks the rules three times or more will be kicked out of the group. This only applies to blatant rule breaking, such as submitting human Warriors or OCs, and NOT to art that doesn’t quite meet our standards. If you submit something wrong by accident, just let us know and it won't count against you.

We will affiliate with any group other than hate and anti-character groups. Just send a request.

Anyone can suggest a fave, whether the art is advanced or not (we’ll also accept original characters into the group’s faves). If I (the founder) think the art is suitable for the gallery, I’ll request to put it in our group gallery as well.

As mentioned above, anyone caught stealing art in any way will be banned from this group, no questions asked. Also, if your art isn't accepted, it's fine to ask why and to seek critique from the founders, but DO NOT whine and accuse us of being unfair. If your piece wasn’t accepted, there was a reason, so seek to improve, not to accuse us of injustice. Anyone who starts to harass the founders in a rude, unnecessary way will also be banned. Lastly, anyone caught trolling or being cruel to other artists (ANYWHERE on DA, not just in this group) will be banned without explanation. We will not tolerate any kind of cruelty here.

Gallery Folders

Metaphorical and Emotion-Driven art
Posters, Bookmarks, Character Sheets, etc.
Comic Covers and Pages
Group Icon Contest -Closed-


Group Info

A group dedicated to finding and featuring advanced fanart of the 'Warriors Cats' series by Erin Hunter.
Founded 3 Years ago
Oct 5, 2010


Group Focus
Common Interest

2,114 Members
2,219 Watchers
81,510 Pageviews
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Hey guys ;) it's been awhile. Yeah, I'd like to tell you I have a good excuse, but...I'm just lazy ;P

Remember to be patient while waiting for your art to be accepted. There's only three of us that judge artwork and we're all on the internet at different times.

Also, in light of all the DA drama I know a lot of you are concerned about art theft. All members should know that any kind of art theft (whether it be tracing, reposting, or referencing art without permission) is NOT acceptable in this group. If you are caught posting traced or heavily referenced artwork without a visible reference in the credits you will be permanently banned without explanation. Keep in mind that this does not apply to referencing photos. That's still 100% okay, in fact, we often encourage it if you're having trouble with cat anatomy.

Last of all, I thought I'd throw some links at you guys. These are all Warriors animations from YouTube. Hope you enjoy :)

Rise of Scourge AMV by Urnam7
Hollyleaf AMV by bluekyokitty
Tigerstar's Death Animation by GinjaNinjaOwO
Snowtuft AMV by Silverwolfnyght
Rise of Scourge pt. 3 by BlazetheFireDragon
Scourge AMV by Crowne Prince
Graystripe x Silverstream AMV by SparksOfTheStars

-VexVamp (founder)
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Spottedmoth321 15 hours ago  Student General Artist

My piece was declined and I'm not entirely sure why... could you explain?
Meowberries 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Would… be accepted here? I wasn't sure since the nose and the ears have unnatural colors, but I understand if it isn't.
Unfortunately not. Thanks for understanding though. 
Meowberries 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thought so, thanks for letting me know though. uwu
darkwolfeproductions Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
For some reason, most of my drawings here r rejected. But here i got again, see if i can get it in here
Rainiila Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been watching this group for a while, and I'm just wondering wether you guys would accept this (…
Into the group gallery.
I'm really happy with it, but I'm not sure wether it meets the group's standards... 
Thanks in advance!
(if it doesnt, any critique is welcome!)
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CoilHeart Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist a drawing of mine got stuck in limbo again (4th time's a charm, woohoo XD). Can someone maybe just tell me if this is accepted or declined?…
xxMoonwish Mar 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I voted yes on it because I really don't see anything wrong with it. 
CoilHeart Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh...I guess there was an even number of accepts and declines so it just didn't do anything. That happens a lot with my artwork, heh ^_^'
declined, sorry. 
CoilHeart Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, thanks for responding. Is it because the neck is freakishly long? And some other anatomy issues, I assume.
yes, anatomical "issues". It is just that we accept more realistic drawings. Your artwork itself is very good!
I recommend using picture references if you want to improve on that. 
(1 Reply)
I meant to say be considered good enough to be in here xD
Would :iconmudstar88-warriors: 's art be considered? I wanna ask her if she wants to be in here.. She thinks she sucks but I don't think she does..
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